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Monday, August 2, 2021

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7:00pm [7:00pm-9:00pm] AUDITIONS - "Oliver"
The Colonnade Players is excited to announce auditions for our upcoming production of OLI-VER! with book, music, and lyrics by Lionel Bart. The cast will consist of 25-30 actors age 9 and up; all roles are available. Performance dates are Friday-Sunday, October 1-3 & October 8-10. Friday and Saturday performances at 7:30pm, Sundays at 2:30pm. Auditions will be held at the Colonnade Center, 264 Catoosa Circle in Ringgold, Georgia on Mon-day and Tuesday, August 2 and 3 at 7:00pm. Callbacks will be Thursday, August 5. No advance preparation necessary. Auditions begin at 7:00pm, so please arrive a few minutes before to fill out your audition form. Actors will have their picture taken as a part of the audition. Any actor age 18+ working in a show with children at The Colonnade must pass a background check. All actors age 18+ will need to know their social security number to complete this form. Please bring a list of any and all schedule conflicts from August 6 through October 10. Rehearsals may begin Friday, August 6. Regular rehearsals will be held 4 nights a week from 7-10pm for adults, 7-9pm for the youth (with the exception of the actor cast as Oliver, who will sometimes need to stay past 9:00). Which evenings we hold rehears-als will depend on cast availability. Any actor with a conflict for tech week or any performance cannot be cast. Production Team: Jennifer Arbogast Wilson and Richard Nichols, CoDirectors; Reed Allison, Music Director; Vivian Long, Choreographer; Alyssa Robinson, Stage Manager; Anna Marie Brendel, Drama-turg; Darla Toker, Costume Designer; Taylor Williams, Set Designer. Synopsis: Based on the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist, this story is set in 19th century England and follows the young orphan Oliver Twist as he experiences the dark sides of London in his search for the love of a family and a place he can call home. About the Roles (from YOUTH ROLES: OLIVER TWIST (Male, age 9-13): An orphaned workhouse boy. Bright, innocent, clever, and winning. He has a heroic air about him. Extremely loveable and kind-hearted. Must have an unchanged voice and be able to learn an RP (British) accent. ARTFUL DODGER (Male, age 13-20): Will use a Cockney accent. Very energetic, highly personable, intelligent and savvy beyond his years. Fagin’s right-hand man. He is full of life and seems to always be bursting with new ideas and a sense of adventure. A dynamic singer/dancer with youthful energy. BET (Female, age 16-20): Nancy’s closest friend who used to work for Fagin but is now a prostitute. High spirited, energetic, down to earth. Will use a Cockney accent. CHARLOTTE (Female, age 14-23): The Sowerberry’s daughter. A flirtatious young girl who is attracted to Noah Claypole. Has no sympathy for Oliver, very self-consumed. Will use a Cockney accent. NOAH CLAYPOLE (Male, age 15-23): The Sowerberry’s apprentice. Will use a Cockney accent. YOUTH ENSEMBLE: Casting approximately 8-10 other youth to play workhouse children and Fagin’s gang. ADULT ROLES: FAGIN (Male, age 40+): Devious leader of a children’s band of thieves. Runs a training academy for young pickpockets. Will use a Cockney accent. A conniving, sly, con-man, yet very personable. He has made a career out of training criminals, obsessed with money. Must have excel-lent comedic timing and a strong baritone voice. NANCY (Female, age 25+): When she was younger worked for Fagin. Bill Sykes’ lover. She is devoted to him in spite of their abusive relation-ship. Takes a liking to Oliver and becomes somewhat of a guardian. Will use a Cockney accent. She possesses a drive for life even amongst the darkest circumstances. Must have a strong belt. BILL SYKES (Male, age 25+): Worked for Fagin as a youth, now a feared master criminal. A brutal, harsh, abusive man that always puts himself first. Will use a Cockney accent. Physically imposing and in his prime. MR BUMBLE (Male, age 30+): Master of the Workhouse. Will use a Cockney accent. A large, pompous and corrupt bureaucrat. WIDOW CORNEY (Female, age 30+): Mistress of the Workhouse. Will use a Cockney accent. A sharp-tongued widow. Brazen and corrupt. MR SOWERBERRY/DR GRIM-WIG (Male, age 30+): Mr. Sower-berry is the undertaker. He be-grudgingly takes Oliver from Mr. Bumble to work in the funeral home as a coffin follower. Cold and very insensitive. Will use a Cockney accent. Dr. Grimwig is an upper-class friend of Mr. Brown-low. Will use an RP (British) ac-cent. MRS SOWERBERRY/MRS BED-WIN (Female, age 30+): Mrs. Sowerberry is the undertaker’s wife. More business savvy than her husband. Will use a Cockney accent. Mrs. Bedwin is a housekeeper who works for Mr. Brownlow. Warm Personality. Will use an RP (British) accent. MR BROWNLOW (Male, age 40+): Will use an RP (British) ac-cent. Oliver’s grandfather. An upper-middle class gentleman. A kind man of wealth and good breeding. OLD SALLY (Female, age 40+): Oliver’s nurse at birth. She is kind-hearted and has a sense of responsi-bility for Oliver. Will use an RP (British) accent. ADULT ENSEMBLE: Casting approximately 8-10 other adults to play vendors, street criers, and other roles.

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